Monday, 13 February 2017


Homework begins today.

This will be sent home on a Monday, due on Friday's.

Compulsory homework:

  1. Quiz - to research and find the answer (not just guess!) - This supports locating information and using a search engine confidently to find accurate information.
  2. Locate more information on one of the questions on the Quiz - writing 3 interesting facts about the question. 
  3. Reading log - evidence of reading for at least 20 minutes each night - This supports confidence with reading, spelling, writing and generating an imagination. 
  4. Maths - this week it is an order of operations worksheet task to support in-class learning. Usually time on Sumdog will be enough for maths each week (this is yet to be set up).

Spelling - this begins week 4 and will be personal words based and some words appropriate to a particular spelling pattern/rule.

Any extra homework is at the request of parents. 

Please ensure children bring their homework books back each week so they can be checked to know their work is valued. 

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