Passport Reading Assignments

As part of being a year 7 and 8 student, it is important to learn how to manage your time. When individual children are able to independently research to produce a project, meeting a deadline, they will be given a 'passport'. They can earn this at anytime during the year. This means being able to choose a reading project rather than have it assigned. Children still working on developing independence will be given day to day tasks and group learning with heavy teacher input. Those who are completing tasks will still be pulled down to the teaching space for targeting reading lessons, but will have more time to complete their independent tasks.

Term 1 Week 4 and 5 Passport Project is exploring Australia. We have just spent 3 weeks on New Zealand History and the Treaty of Waitangi. Now we are leaving New Zealand to explore the world.

The three options for study in Australia are:

    • Science - Living world - The Great Barrier Reef
    • History/Culture - (people) - Aborigines (this links with comparing Maori history with Aborigine history/treatment)
    • Geography - Mapping skills, general knowledge, landmarks of Australia

Keep your eye out for some awesome projects to come!

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