Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What's on this week and for week 4?

  • adding and subtracting whole number integers.
  • applying the rules of the order of operations to solve word problems.
  • times tables including the 12's
  • powers and square roots - extention
This week we are finishing off our New Zealand history topic - the Treaty and what happened in the lead up to it. This has been a great topic, so please ask your children what stuck with them regarding New Zealand history.

Next week we move into group tasks. Lessons will be based on skills required to be a successful reader at this age.

As this happens, children who have demonstrated the ability to be independent will choose their reading project. It will be a guided project that requires managing self and meeting deadlines. We have a 'passport' structure to this, which your child can explain.

We are working through figurative language techniques we can use to up-level writing. So far we have looked at metaphors. This week we are looking at specific adjectives, adverbs - vocabulary that creates more of an image in our heads.
Next week we will work on alliteration as well as adverbs and adjectives.

My focus is quality of writing over quantity. 
TopicWe will be doing a Science topic this term on Insects/Creatures/Creepy Crawlies.

Currently we are working on our 'Alter-Ego' Picasso inspired portraits. 

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