Thursday, 9 February 2017

Metaphor Poetry

Check out our Metaphor poems...
The goal was to write a metaphor with an explanation. To up level the writing, we tried to make sets of lines rhyme. This was a challenge! But the class worked really hard! There are more to come. Enjoy!


I am a song, ready to be sung.

I am a guitar, waiting to be strung.

I am a cat, stalking my prey.

I am a ball, bounced everyday.

I am a brick, ready to be placed.

I am an alien from deep outer space.

I am the sun, cheerful and bright.

But I am also the moon, dark as the night.

I am a spark, I light the flame.

I am a beast, ready to be tamed.

I am a tree, standing tall and proud.

I am a building, looked on by clouds.

I Am Mokana


I am a baby

Craving attention

I am a phone

I like to have connection

I am flowing water

Always wanting to go somewhere

I am a playful dog

I like to breathe fresh air

I am the shimmering moon

Lighting up the dark

I am a blaring fire

There is always a spark

I am a flower

Colourful and light hearted

I am the youngest brother

Bashed and bunted

I am the gleaming sun

Shining bright

I am a creepy doll

I will definitely give you a fright

I am Cole


I am a sapling

learning to grow.

I am a turtle

rather slow.

I am a race car

racing round the tracks.

I am a wolf

I travel in packs.

I am a needle

Knitting a fleece.

I am a paintbrush

Creating a piece.

I am a dolphin

Playful and kind.

I am a spy glass

I’m hard to find.

I am a storm

I can be tough.

I am a puppy

I can be rough.

I am a sloth

Sometimes lazy.

I’m a carton of milk

I can expire.

I am Ben

I am...
I am a present
Excitement encircles me
I am a builder
Busy as a bee
I am a lion
Roaring with confidence
I am a speaker
Filled with noise and silence
I am GPS
I'll show you the way
I am the sunshine
I’ll Make your day
I am a bird
Living life free
I am a sailor
Love’n  the sea
I am a rocket
Aiming high
I am an athlete
Givin' it a try
I am a gorilla
Strong and tough
I am a chest
I have lots of stuff
I am a sapling
Beginning life
I am a ranger
watching wildlife

I am Rimer

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