Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Welcome back! Roll on term 2...

This week we are learning about personification. This is a figurative language technique we can use to up-level our writing. Check out a sample of what some of us came up with today! We are still learning, so some of them are not quite there and others of us have got it...

  • The lightening ran across the clouds - Grace
  • The storm raged over the country - Bailey
  • The trees smiled brightly as the sun touched the leaves - Sarah
  • The snow clung to the earth eating all warmth with it - Lucy M
  • Blue river water drove down the river bed - Jaike
  • The snow danced on the tree tops - Lucy C
  • The trees shivered as the snow fell silently on them - Gen and Bailey
  • The skin of the earth wrinkled as the sun ravaged the scorched landscape - Horatio
  • The trunks of the earth dove into the ground - Lucia
  • The desert broke its bones as the sun shone down - Grace
  • Slowly, the sun crawled over the top of the mountain - Bee
  • The fog lightly wiped its hands on the mountain tops - Sarah
  • The light seeped through the wall of trees, reaching towards the meadow - Brynn
Later in the week we will post our poetry!

Keep posted...

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