Friday, 19 May 2017

War Poetry

We are learning about War and Conflict. This is a very interesting topic where we are able to form our own opinions, learn about different perspectives, and learn about world history. Below is a sample of some of our writing from week 3. We watch a video about WW1 and have written a response to this as poetry. We wrote about war in general, and could write as an observer, from the perspective of a soldier, a nurse, family left behind...


Down in the Dirt

By James

They said it would be helping, saving the lives of others while being protected at the back...But they were wrong...

Bullets whizzing through the air, one skimmed through my hair
Clambering snipers scattered the hills, with patients oh so very ill
Bomb’s crashing across the coast, while soldiers were manning every post
Soldiers lying face down in the dirt, while living soldiers were on high alert
Soldiers running as fast as they could, this whole war is a bit misunderstood
The medical team saving lives, dying soldiers trying to write to their wives
Tanks crawling across the sand, it’s like there's a big game of chess at hand
Living soldiers coming and going, young soldiers with their hearts glowing
Everyone frantically digging trenches, troubled soldiers drawing sketches
The war is finishing, all soldiers are grinning...
It’s all over boys! It’s all over!

A Letter From My Heart

by Grace

War is like a game of chess.People taking over others and attempting to keep their territories.
As I stand in my trench, I hear grenades landing in the window of my mind.
Our men frozen with the realization that it’s not the great adventure thought before.
“Climb those ladders-invade Germany’s territories, and do it now!”
Adrenaline surging through my body.  This is just the start.
We can’t lose without putting up a fight.

The air is so humid, but the sky is so grey.  Beads of sweat fall from my face and neck and trickle down my back.
I turn around to face my troop but it’s not what I expected-my mind must have blocked their voices out.  They lie on the ground spluttering and covering their mouths.  I smell something faint but I know it’s getting stronger.  I must abandon the fellowship around me.  A mustard gas attack is running towards us.
I advance up the ladders but the gas is on my tail.  I can’t get rid of it.  I trip and lose my footing.  I lose ground but I need to get back up.
It mustn't take me, not now.  I’m too young.

I can hear my allies coming on to help.  
I take my last breath and yell out.
“Noooooo, don’t come near.
You must fight on without me.”

Then all light and life fades away.
I have been captured, taken fortress, the life drained out of me.
This isn’t how I wanted this to end.  I put up a fight with all my heart, I wanted to return to my nation. Be a hero to my nation.

The Still Fog

Low fog cruises
Grey clouds sway
Loud bangs and crashes
As lives slowly fade away

Many take cover
Covering their heads
As many lay frozen
Face down in the sand beds

But still the brave men
Stay hopeful and strong
While the rest of the soldiers
Didn't last for long

All of the soldiers
Still fighting for their lives
Hungry and tired
Hoping not one more dies

Suddenly it turns silent
As if all the gunshots ended
This experience truly didn't go
Quite as intended.                                  C.J.W

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