Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Narrative Writing

This term, we have been looking at short story writing. I gave the class a challenge - to turn the popular nursery rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet' into a short story. This was quite tricky! Some of the class got carried away with trying to make the story rhyme, and forgot about the five story elements...

The goal was to turn the rhyme into a story with the five story elements: Introduction (setting and character); rise to action - plot; problem; fall to action; resolution/conclusion/cliff-hanger.

This is a sample of what has been created so far...

Miss Muffet and the Fizzy Spider

They called her Little Miss Muffet. The queer little woman who sat on her stool outside the ice-cream parlors. Infamous for her sour curds and whey “Ice Cream”, she was a menace to any passing pedestrian’s health. With her crooked frame bent over, slowly stirring her simmering pot, she would call out to joggers, and if they replied that they had no money, she would hurl the contents of her greasy ladle at them and give them food poisoning for at least two months.

Miss Muffet had been camping outside one particular ice cream parlor on Sweet Street for quite a while now. Long enough for the owner of the parlor to walk outside and complain about her frightening away all of his customers. She never paid any attention to the people she made miserable. So when the man had finished ranting about his family starving, she retorted in a calm manner that “At least you aren’t deadly allergic to lactose!”

That very night the owner had a brainwave. “Deadly allergic to lactose...” He thought to himself.
He crept outside to where the slumbering woman was lying. Carefully replacing her pot’s contents, he choked at the toxicity of the ingredients in the slop. The owner of the parlor slowly filled the cauldron with cola and topped it with his special double-cream ice cream. The perfect deterrence. A spider.

The sound of clanging metal resounded around the brightening street. It would have been a glorious sight, a fabulous ice cream parlor glowing golden from the rising sun, if it wasn’t for the rag-clothed hag nesting outside of it. Dipping her hand into the cauldron and scooping out cupfulls of the liquid, Miss Muffet noticed that the top was lighter than normal. “Mould doesn’t feel like that,” she thought to herself, dipping her hand in and tasting it. Then she realised that it wasn’t mould. It was ice cream.

The next day the space outside the parlor was empty. Miss Muffet was nowhere to be seen, as she had been swept up into a passing garbage truck.

Little Miss Alice

Little Miss Alice sat in her palace.
Her house gloomy black as the lights flickered out,
Scared was she, Alice started to shout.
No need for candles, her eyes were so bright.  
They always seemed to light up the night.
Back on came the power,away went the blur.
Now perched upwards, Alice’s stomach started to stir.

Covered in shiny golden hair,
she was wondering what she should wear.
Unable to find her vibrant, violet dress, she was in a state of despair.
She looked in the closet to see if it was there,
But all she could see was her sparkly underwear.
Now she was getting quite annoyed, she felt like a town after a volcano had erupted-utterly destroyed.

Down to the kitchen, little Alice went.
She stretched up to the cupboard at her full extent.  
Losing her balance...down she flipped, how could it get worse?Well, her pants just split!
Distraught, she stood up from the ground.  
She poured her oats into a mound.

Taking a stroll outside, the air was so bitterly cold,
her face scrunched up and everything froze.
As she dropped her oats, Her heart took a trip to her throat.
Alice’s eyes filled with fear,as a spider was there...it was clear!

She took a step back,
and into the wall, her little head went SMACK!
Alice suddenly fainted and fell on the ground,
As she came back around,the evil black spider was laying right beside her.
His sharp prickly legs and his long dangly arms,
Made Alice feel like she was in a place of great harm.
A million eyes all staring at Little Miss,
Subsequently, the spider started to hiss.

Alice ran out of the courtyard,
and slammed that gate
with a mighty old BOOM!
This mighty old BOOM, certainly got the town awake!
She galloped away as fast as she could,
Off into the night, disappearing in the woods.

But did she know what was hiding in those woods,
No,she did not.
It was a nightmare from her childhood.

A man dressed in black,
As slick as a rat.
Cunning, evil and a scam, was this little man.

Little Alice stopped as she was running out of breath.
The little guy was waiting, all evil and sly, caught Alice so quick and pushed her right to her death.

Alice fell tumbling down, down into this whole,
the spider had accomplished his evil little goal.

By Grace and Genevieve

Little Miss Muffet-Poem

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey.
There came a great spider,
Which sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss
Muffet away!

Little Miss Muffet- Short Story

There once was a little old lady, short in size, with a big old tummy.  This little lady was named: Miss Muffet. Miss Muffet was hungry, so she sat on a tuffet, opening her purse and eating the unhealthy choice of Ice-Cream-Soda, and Pepperoni Pizza.

She was chugging the soda, when something landed on her shoulder, and she looked straight away. There stood a great spider, her organs shook inside her. So she wielded her hand as a weapon, and slapped the great spider off her body, letting out a great screech. But the spider wasn’t done yet. The great, hairy, Spider charged at Miss Muffet and jumped on her leg, Miss Muffet ran, and ran, but it was no use. The spider wasn’t coming off…

Miss Muffet fell down, scraping her knee, and the spider in the process. The spider was vanquished! Miss Muffet was victorious!

But to this day, there is still a stain left from the Ice-Cream-Soda and Pepperoni pizza on the ground, lying next to the deceased corpse of The Great Spider.

Lucy M

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