Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Welcome to week 7! Don't forget that we have the Mighty March Market on Saturday...

What is on this week?

Maths - Factors/Multiples/Primes. Addition and subtraction of decimal fractions. This will be strategy work (which will continue until the end of the term). All number activities this term will be linked to strand and real-life context. Don't forget, children could be playing on Sumdog each night to maintain their current knowledge.

Literacy - Literacy Passport activity (this is a research project of choice on a topic within Austraila) and independent tasks covering a broad range of strategies. Teaching groups will be focused on literacy skills needed to be a successful reader. Writing - finishing our Survivor Day recount (we had a very detailed success criteria for this, so if your children show you, ask them to show you their metaphoric language, similes, vocabulary, and edingly starters). We will be continuing with our Alliteration stories later in the week.

Topic: Bug Lab - we are researching a bug of choice this week and creating a Wanted poster - linking with researching skills, the Living World - Science topic, and classification.

I will upload some Survivor day recounts soon...keep watching!

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