Sunday, 26 February 2017

Inside my head poetry...

For this poetry the success criteria was to have 3 (or more) stanzas, use of simile/s, metaphoric language (metaphor/s), descriptive vocabulary, and the phrase "Inside my head..." to start and end each section. The idea behind this writing was to demonstrate that it is not how long a piece of writing is that makes it interesting for the reader, it is the quality of the words used, the language, the image created in the reader's head from the way we put our words together...

Inside My Head…

Inside my head… I am an artist in my own world, splotching paint on canvas. Endless amounts of painting-hungry people enter my gallery, majestically inspired by the sight of my paintings overflowing the walls with glory. Massive piles of my art sell for millions at a time… Inside my head.

Inside my head… I am an eagle soaring through the sky, feathers flattened by the blasts of wind thrashing against my face. I am as fast as a cheetah, swooping over rooftops and weaving in and out of the towering skyscrapers. I can see the liveliness of the city below me, cars tooting horns aggressively, and people rushing along the footpaths… Inside my head.

Inside my head… I am on a boat, the feeling of queasiness is long gone upon the horizon. Waves lap regularly onto the side of the boat, making peaceful swooshing sounds along with the gentle breeze. Gradually rocking to and fro… Inside my head.

Inside my head… Dark, almost black storm clouds threaten at the horizon. Only moments later huge gusts of powerful wind lashes against the rooftop. Lightning strikes bolts of electricity on the hilltops, lighting up the room with a white glare or rage. Rumbling thunder beckons more with rolling waves of exploding roars… Inside my head.
By Carina

Inside my Head

Inside my head,
I am a inventor, huddled up in a corner, building something new.
Soldering and using glue, lots of white-brown duct tape too.
Sticking and combining, working 24/7 with no sense of timing.
Inside my head.

Inside my head,
I am free as a bird, there are no boundaries
Flying around,
Allowed to be me
Gliding and swooping, chorusing and whooping.
Inside my head.

Inside my head,
My ideas are in shambles, strewn all around.
Unfinished contraptions, all on the ground.
A minefield of paper, littered by the bin.
All of the scrap that failed to go in.
Inside my head.

By Horatio

Inside my head

Inside my head I am a swift hawk
soaring through the sky like an aeroplane
with limitless speeds.My journey is endless with lots of ups and downs (literally)... Inside my head

Inside my head I am an insane scientist
pulling up prehistoric bones, pouring phosphorus into mercury and  creating DNA samples like a mad scientist would.
My creations would be surreal and utterly amazing… Inside my head
Inside my head I am a formidable monster,
with incredible strength like a weightlifter.
If you get in my way
You. Will. Pay.
I will punt you, pound you and pummel you.  
...Inside my head

I am Jaike

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