Tuesday, 12 May 2015

This is a sample of our alliteration stories from Term 1. This shows our application of alliteration to creative writing. We concentrated on ideas and vocabulary, not surface features such as punctuation and spelling so be aware there may be errors. We are learners, after all!

Kyden the caring koala was being courageously cautious not to fall off her tree carelessly onto the cliff below. Katie the kind kangaroo came across Kyden the koala just as she was about to fall. Kind Katie caught Kyden and carried her to a cave. “That could’ve been a crazy catastrophe Kyden!” Katie said cautiously. “C’mon” Katie continued “Come take a kip in my courageously, colourful, crazy cabin! ”Kyden and katie carefully made there way to the cabin.
Kyden went to take a kip whilst katie cooked quinoa and corn with cocoa and coffee. Kyden woke and came to the table. “Katie this dinner you carefully cooked is splendid!” kyden commented kindly. When Kyden and Katie finished their conversation Kyden left the cabin and carefully walked back to her comfy tree.
By Kyden

Corey The Crystal Collector
Corey sat counting all his crystals in the caboose of a large cable car, when Coraline casually came in carrying a crimson colored cabas. Clay (the cooky cable car driver) was continuously catching camouflage colored coyote’s out the window. Clay caught a coyote and chuckled, the coyote then kicked the cable car which caused a catastrophic crack in the cable car floor. Corey and Coraline (and the crystals) fell through the crack.” Crystals Crystals!” Coraline kept saying. Corey and Coraline landed in a crystal cave! Corey and Coraline grabbed and the crystals they could and caught the next cable car home.
By Corey

Vanessa the Velociraptor.
Vanessa the velociraptor was not vegan and vowed to never devourer vegetables  until she vanished .Vanessa is very venturesome velociraptor .Victoria, the valdosaurus, was a venomous vampire villain to Vanessa.Vanessa played violin and Victoria play viola. Vanessa’s violent sister Veronica vanquished Victoria’s violin viciously. 

Sam the Samurai
Sam the Samurai Sliced Succulent Snakes with a Spatula while Snacking on Sausages. His Superman Socks were Sizzling in the Smoking Sand. Suddenly a Skunk Sung a Song called Serenity and Sam Sub-machine-gunned the Skunk. Sam then Sunk South on his Submarine and Shot Stupid Spitting squids. Sam Squatted in his Sub and Sweared. So how do I stop my Sub sinking when I want it to Soar? Strangely a Squid (who wasn’t Shot) Sat on the Sub and Shot a Scroll at sam. Sam opened the Slippery Scroll and Shrieked for he now knew the Secret to Soar Straight in his Sub. Sam Sat Still and Shoved the Stick Strangely. Sam Slowly SGU (started going up). Soon Sam Saw the Sea and got Sea-Sick. Sam Spewed all the way home. 
By Sam

Anya the Anteater of Africa
 Anya, the Anteater, ate an apple while aggravating Alisha, the Alligator. So Alisha ate Anya’s apple anxiously while Anya was watching a video of astronomy. Anya angrily explored Africa in search of a new apple. Alisha the axouis Alligator followed Anya to Africa’s most famous Ant farming land. Along the way Anya found  amazing Ants artwork of Africa. Anya and Alisha ate in abundance of ants. Anya found an accordion and played it agonisingly. Alisha was in absolute agony listening to Anya play the accordion it was almost abusive to her ear drums.  Anya found an ancient looking car. Is their path abandoned... or was it? Anya and Alisha approached the ancient looking car to see a juicy appealing amazing apple. They had amazingly completed their astonishing adventure over Africa. Amazingly they walked back to their humble abode and ate the juicy amazing astonishing apple together.
By Anya.

Foreign Forrest
Foreign Forrest flew in his car to France for five hours to find his friend Fred who has a Fox Farm in France.
On the way Forrest found fragments of a forestry factory with ferns planted a fortnight ago, before February.  Five minutes later he passed a food truck that’s cooking fox and french fries, so with fabulous forks Forrest decided to feast on french fries and fox. while Forrest was feasting, a fantail dropped a fish fossil into a fountain. He phoned  a photographer to photograph the fish fossil for his family. After driving five hours and 500 kilometers, Forrest finally found his friend Fred’s Fox farm and Fred himself. Forrest stayed for a fortnight then left for Fresno.
By Forrest

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